Friday, September 14, 2007

BLB Cornucopia Fall launch

Rosy just loves this Zuma set - you can see it in our current launch with BLB Boutique. The top reads "Trust Me I Know Fashion" in glittery font. Too cute!

Otto's Tomatoes

Otto brought home a tiny little tomato plant in a Dixie cup at the end of the school year in June. We planted it in a pot in the front yard so we wouldn't forget to water it ;) Well it runed into this big plant and he is so proud of all his tomatoes! We just had to share.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Rosy!!!

This is it - my baby is 3! Don't know when and how that all happened, but she is 3 and cracks me up all the time. She had to make her own cake and it was really fun. When I asked her what kind she said "PINK" so we had a strawberry cake with stawberry frosting and she sure was proud! Then today when she got up from her hap we had to brush her hair. She said "It has nuts in it huh mommy? I think I have nuts in my bed cause every time I get up from my nap you have to get the nuts out!" lol.

Oh My the 4th was fun!

Okay - TOTALLY behind and have to share those pics of my family on the 4th.

The kids had a great time and we heard some music from a live band where Otto & Rosy danced like crazy! Josh and Daddy stood back and watched ;)

Then off to friend's house for a BBQ and overall GREAT night!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Don't you ever just get bogged down trying to learn something new? Well it happened to me this week. Robyn of Absolutely Charming designed a fantastic frame to be used in our Blossom Leigh Boutique listings. It will help to make out listings all look uniform and stand out. Well I just love it, but I had a heck of a time trying to add it to my images. I spent hours and hours on it. I wsa jsut about to give up. I had already decided there was NO WAY I could do it. Well FINALLY after a great link of instructions from Robyn I was able to do it. Yeah!!! I am so proud of myself I have to share them with you.
It also just makes me realize how much more there is to learn. I think of my photos and listing from last year and how different they are. Then I think even the photos from a few months ago too. Wow. I think no matter what we can always improve too. I have done it my sewing and jewelry making time and time again. Thinking each item is just a tad better than the last. My kids do it in swimming too. Each time doing just a tad better, a more precise stroke, a faster time, a quicker flip turn... We never stop learning and can NEVER ever give up!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What a night!

Monday night we were over at the school riding bikes. Rosy was pedaling along on her trike and suddenly this little tiny white Chihuahua came over. He was so adorable and so very sweet. He was crying and was acting soooo happy to see someone. Clearly the poor little guy was lost. So... I took him home. Of course my big dogs freaked and I knew I couldn't keep him at my house til animal control was open in the AM so I called my friend Cassie. She said she would take him, but was going to be tough at her house with her dog too. We spent the next hour walking around the neighborhood looking for someone who had lost a dog. I ran into another friend she also said she'd keep her eye out. Well she came back a few minutes later and said there was someone putting up signs all over looking for the dog! FANTASTIC!! So she took him. I went back to gather the kids from the school to head home. While walking back by Cassie's house she came out and had the stupid (yes at this point it is stupid) dog wit her! OMGosh!!! Crap. Apparently his Chihuahua was female not male! That was not his dog! ugh. So now we had the darn dog back. So we left all the kids with her hubby and continued on our journey - 20 minutes before a favorite show was starting. Walked and walked one chase after another - one person knew someone who knew someone and on an on and on. Must have visited 100 houses! Then we saw a lady who said "oh you found that dog! Is that your dog? Where is his buddy?" So we told her it was not our dog, we didn't want the dog, couldn't keep the dog, etc. etc. She didn't know where the dog lived, but had seen it running through the neighborhood with a larger dog. Then a man on a bike rode up and asked if anyone has lost a big dog with a curly tail. The lady said the dog she was referring to was that dog and that clearly the Chihuahua and the big dog were buddies! Great!!! Get rid of the dog!!! I suggested to the man that we get the dogs reunited right away and since he already had the big one then he may as well take the little too! lol. He kept saying no - I don't want ANOTHER dog, I want to get rid of the dog I have! Oh the man was not too happy with us at all, but after a bit of coaxing he admitted where he lived and let us bring the dog there to see if they got along and were actually "together" we arrived and they were SOOOOO happy to see each other. I was so happy too! I got rid of the dog! Yeah!!! So what I learned... see a stray dog... turn the other way!!! Don't look back. Don't worry if he's crying. Just keep on walking. It'll certainly save you a night! lol.

Monday, June 18, 2007

We Love Our Daddy!!

Yesterday was Father's Day and it was a wonderful day! We spent the afternoon swimming in my sister's pool and the evening at my parents house for a BBQ. We rode our bikes over for the BBQ and even brought the dogs! What a crazy an fun night. As a family we have all been riding out bikes lots more. The kids love it and it's wonderful exercise for all of us!